Earth Friendly Printing

We are the great supporters of ‘Go Green’ mission and you can experience our dedication towards the environment, when you deal with us. We refrained from using petroleum-based inks and shifted to eco-friendly printing systems, several years ago, when others were just thinking about such an implementation. All our printing systems use Soy-based Inks to offer you top quality printouts without harming our mother nature. According to researches, petroleum-based inks release VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can adversely affect the indoor air quality, causing short and long term health hazards. The inks we use are obtained from Soy-beans and release 0% VOC. Moreover, soy-based inks are easy to deink, while recycling the paper. Whatsoever, we never compromise on quality – something that has become our signature in the market. We use top quality soy-ink in order to produce vivid colors, far better than what petroleum based inks can produce.
That’s not it! We offer you a choice of using recycled paper stock to let you be a part of our ‘Save environment’ mission. According to Forest Stewardship Council, the USA consume more than 100million tons of paper every year. Around 25% of the trees cut in here are to make paper. We are in the mission of mitigating the scary impact of forest destruction by either using recycled paper or using paper produced from trees that are sustainably harvested. We use the best technologies available to recycle the papers without compromising on quality.
We have set up environmental friendly printing units across lower 48 states and Canada to supply your order from the nearest printing station at the earliest. Such a network allows us to reduce the transportation needs, which in turn reduces the fossil fuel emissions along with cutting short the shipping cost. Your orders are sent from the closest facility.

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