Direct Mail Marketing

Though, the easy access to Internet has eradicated the use of letters and postcards from the personal life, these materials are still strong business promoters. A well designed brochure introducing a new offer, a product launch or the start of a new venture creates greater impact than any other online material. Moreover, when you directly mail brochures, greeting cards, booklets or postcards, the chances of ignoring them are very less when compared to the promotional e-mails or e- brochures you send. Promotional e-mails may directly go into the spam folder of your customers but the direct mails do not. The effect of direct mailing further enhances, when you opt print call as your partner in such a promotional campaign.
We have been in this business, since the days when direct mailing was the only option to reach a large audience. Therefore, we know what it takes to make your promotional activities successful. The title ‘one-stop-printing and mailing solution provider’ truly suits print call as we do everything starting from wording your promotional campaigns, designing your brochures, booklets, , greeting cards, newsletters etc, to printing them and posting to the respective addresses. In other words, you do not have to get the material designed from one vendor, approach another service provider to print them and another vendor to post them – We do everything required with sole hearted commitment. We are fast, reliable and affordable.
We take full responsibility of your direct marketing campaign and drive it to success. Our services include processing the mailing list, inkjet addressing, CASS certification, postal presorting and dropping at the post office. We even delete the duplicate addresses from the list to stop sending repeated mails to the same customer, which in turn saves your money – You just need to pay for what we send.
We listen to your ideas, develop a design and get your approval before we proceed any further. We take your ideas and add our expertise into them to make your direct marketing campaign a great success. We grow on referrals and every project we undertake is an opportunity for us to gain reputation in the market, something on which our business survives.

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