Car Magnet

Car Magnet is a powerful advertisement medium used by almost all the businesses to spread out their brand name. The expensive advertisement banners cannot move around to attract audience but the car magnet can – That’s the major advantage of car magnets. You can come up with an impressive short design to stick on your car and they catch the glance of people while you drive around. Our creative designers can create attractive yet simple car magnets that can express your message without ruining the look of your vehicle.


We are extremely good at binding words with catchy images and that is exactly the recipe for an attractive Car Magnet. Our impressive designs add elegance to the overall look of your car without just being an advertisement tile. We do not just aim to make your Car Magnet attractive but even work to make it readable even from a long distance, even while you are on move. We print the car magnets on heavy-duty materials that perfectly suit the car door signage. These glossy stickers can even be used as temporary signage at construction sites. All our Car Magnets can be easily applied onto your car and effortlessly removed whenever required.

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